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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purple Roze Ventures: Organic Kids & Organic Baby

Purple Roze Ventures: kids & babies is an online store dedicated to providing quality non-toxic, environmentally and socially conscious baby, toddler and kids everyday products. We strive to provide expecting parents and parents with product choices that are both safe for their family and considerate of the environment. We offer a wide array of product from organic baby Food, organic kid’s snacks, organic skincare and organic kid’s vitamins 
The idea for Purple Roze Ventures grew as our family began researching the types of products we wanted to use when we were expecting our own little one. Through our research it became very clear just how important it was that our child grow up in a non-toxic, eco-conscious and socially conscious environment. Where possible, we select and sell items that are made locally in the USA or through fair-trade practices.  The goal of our blog is to share some of our questions and finding with you. We use our website to make our discoveries affordable to you.
 By supporting organic agriculture, not only are you protecting your children from unnecessary harm and side effects, but at the same time protecting the future of our planet. In order for a manufacturer to obtain organic certification and label their products “Organic” their products must be made without pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, etc.

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