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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Should Parents Buy Organic Products For Their Kids?

I was asked the question:Why Should Parents Buy Organic Products For Their Kids?

This spurred me on to write this  message advocating the use of organic products for kids.
Over the Years there has been an increase in the amount of recalls on baby and children items as a result of lead and other chemical contamination. This is why it is the duty of us parents to take additional precaution in protecting our precious bundles. The first three years of a child’s life, their bodies and brains undergo rapid changes and during this period they are vulnerable to toxins in the environment.

 Did you know your baby's skin is very fragile: five times thinner than yours, and will absorb the substances that make up baby skin care products easily. This is why we have to be extremely careful about the products that go on our children skin. When you choose organic skincare, organic baby laundry detergent and chlorine free diapers, not only do you  help to reduce the amount of pesticides that goes into the environment but you also help minimize  the amount of pollution that goes into our air, food, and water supply and indirectly on your baby's skin. When you buy organic products for your kids you are actively reducing the amount of toxins your rapidly developing child comes in contact with.

 By supporting organic agriculture, not only are you protecting your children from unnecessary harm and side effects, but at the same time protecting the future of our planet. In order for a manufacturer to obtain organic certification and label their products “Organic” their products must be made without pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, etc.

Check Out for organic products for Babies and Kids.

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